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Bush Adventure

Big Ocean Flat

Cross that channel on that flat and there is endless white sand bottom to wade to your hearts content. Just be sure to head back before the tide gets too high or just figure on swimming back across.

Yesterday Hank and I went on an adventure back in the bush that  was quite an experience. We talked to this fella in Red Bays and he said he knew of this secret spot on this creek we could drive  to and catch monster snapper, tarpon and more. At first this fella said it ( I won’t mention any names) would be about 7 miles. After driving for almost an hour he said it might be about 12 miles. How about 30 miles back in the bush and still no creek. When asked last time he was there he said about 6 years ago. A few minutes later that turned to maybe 12 years ago. Finally turned out to be at least 15 years ago and the bush had almost grown across the entire road.. We finally found this creek and the short walk he promised turned from a  couple blocks to about a mile through the bush and swamp. Hank took one look and I really can’t print what he said. I told him maybe we should start to ease our way back. If we break down back there we are in deep doodoo.

Hank does not care to ever go back but I would like to. It would take a couple kayaks to put in the creek where it is close to the road and then paddle to those deep holes he was talking about.


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