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Boxing Day

Following British tradition the day after Christmas which is called Boxing Day is also a holiday here in the Bahamas.

I have been eating quite well the past couple days. Christmas eve I was invited to dinner on Speedo and Lulu’s boat where we dined on fresh lobster and steak. These guys are from Billings, Mt. and they spend the winter here at Andros on their boat. Christmas day Hank and Eva put on a big dinner here for close friends and it was quite a feed. I saved the scraps from the Ham to chum up the sharks last night. Lulu’s brother and his family from Wisconsin are here visiting them and have never seen sharks in the wild. It didn’t take long for them to show up after I started throwing off those scraps. The first to show up are the jacks and their splashes alert the sharks. Within a few minutes there were jacks, 4 sharks and a couple rays. Their sons stared at them with awe and kept saying how they were swimming in that same water earlier in the day.

The weather this morning was ideal with bright sun and no wind at all. I went to the Big Labowski flat and for the first time I have been here it was loaded with bone fish. There was one big one in about 8 inches of water rooting around. Half his body was out of the water and I really wanted to get this guy. I was poling the boat by myself and when I went to lay the pole down very quietly, it rolled off the top of the seat and banged on the deck. He blew out of there in a cloud of mud and I really screwed up that golden opportunity.


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