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Big Ice Jams, Big Cuda

Big Hole River 2820 cfs—Maidenrock

The river is rising and falling (mostly rising) as the ice jams upriver are breaking up and there are some big ones. There is massive jam right by the Anaconda Sportsmen Campground and another just below Deep Creek.

While over on Andros Island the crew is having lots of fun. That is except for running out of gas at 11 pm while coming back from doing some night fishing up Fresh Creek. Luckily the wind was in their favor and it blew them into shallow water where they could pole to get assistance. They have been getting some big cudas with Sandee boating a 52 incher which is a big cuda. I like the pic of a smaller cuda with nothing left but the head. Apparently it was the 52 incher that ate it as they caught it just a short time later in the same area.

Jim and Sandee are scheduled to come home early next week. Hell if I were them I would I would change the flights again and stay another week or two.


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