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Big Hole

Yeah it’s about time to do some Big Hole reporting.

The flow this minute is about 2100 cfs at Maidenrock and it has been changing literally by  the  minute. Ice flows on the upper river has it spiking almost to 4000 yesterday evening and then dropping just as fast. As soon as all the ice is gone on the upper river it will stabalize and start clearing. That’s when the fishing gets really good with streamers, nymphs and skwalla patterns. There was some top water action before the river came up.

We have been busy getting the  new shop open. There is still lots  of work to do but the doors are open.

Fly orders are arriving daily and we are featuring several new patterns which I think look great. It has been my experience in the  past years that just by looking at a certain pattern you know it will work.


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