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Big Fish, Little Fish

There was no in between today as the fish we caught or saw were either very large or very small. We found one school of at least 100 but the biggest fish in it was probably 15 inches. Now I’m not complaining as you can have a lot of fun with fish that size and get several hookups out of the same school if you work it right. After we caught a couple we decided to leave them alone and poled on to find bigger ones which we did.

Dan went to the west side yesterday and said it was a bit tough especially the ride back through the bight. Yesterday morning the wind was fairly light but it picked up substantially in the afternoon. He said coming out of the bight to the reef was not some thing he would like to do every day in those conditions.

Eva had a little accident yesterday afternoon and broke her arm. Hank and her are flying to Florida tomorrow morning to get further x rays etc. Until they get back Art and I will be handling the boating end of the business.


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