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Big Brown

Brown Trout, May 22nd 2011

When I said Simmons and John had a good day yesterday this is what I meant. They just sent it to me so thought I would share it. They caught it on one of the old streamer patterns we tie up. These guys had an excellent day and others I talked to had a miserable day. I guess it’s who’s fishing and where and how.

The river is still holding at around 4000 cfs. We had a pretty heavy rain shower this afternoon so who knows. Extended forecast  is yet more cool showery weather.

By the way, those waves below the new dam have settled down a bit with the higher water. Best to go through it in a raft and a low side drift boat will get you wet. I just took photos of  Tony and Sue going through it in their raft—-lots of whooping and hollering. Will post them tomorrow.


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