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Big Bones

The last two days I have been going to Somerset. The wind has been a factor but you learn to just deal with it. The water is cold and I was surprised to see as many bonefish as I did and all big ones. Yesterday at 11:15 am I finally got my bonefish fix after being holed up with this cold front. Today between rain showers I was getting into lots of bones. It was cloudy most of the time but that is the beauty of Somerset as the bottom is so light it is one of the few places where you still have good visibility even with cloud cover. I walked up the channel just before low tide and had several small schools go by. In those conditions with little water left in the channel it is difficult to catch them because they have a destination in mind and that is to get to the sea and away from the predators. I found that by wading way out in low tide gets the best results. There they are milling around waiting for the tide to come back in. I found several tailers on the shallow bars. Like I said before all the fish I saw were big. With this cold water the smaller ones stay in deeper warmer water. Some were real spooky and others would charge the fly immediately. I’ve been using 13 lb tippet just cuz I’m tired of some of the big boys breaking off on their initial run. Since I’ve been here I have been using pretty much the same fly pattern. It’s a #4 tan boneyard and I have had very few refusals on it. This is a pattern designed by my buddy Dan Delekta—–thanks Dan and bring some more with you when you come.


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