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Better Conditions

My family members left yesterday morning. Despite the lousy weather conditions they had a great time and every one managed to hook into a big fish. I didn’t say they each caught a big one but they all hooked one. We went out just about every day and a couple days it was pretty rough. Ray was running one boat with Bonnie and Debbie aboard and at one time I looked over and it looked like the nose of the boat was coming ten feet in the air with all being drenched with salt spray. Rather than being scared, they were all laughing like crazy. That’s pretty much how the whole week went and we managed to have fun no matter what conditions we encountered.

Go to figure the weather has improved much since they left and it’s time to go looking for bonefish again. Clay and Jane who arrived yesterday are both novice fly casters and today we’re just going to get on a big flat and practice and hope to get them a few shots at some bones.

I was only able to get to the far back country once so far to look for permit and tarpon and wouldn’t you know it that as soon as we got there the squalls moved in. We waited for some time for it to clear but to no avail. I made the decision to head back as navigating those waters is real tricky even in good weather. If you break down or get stranded back there it’s like the Bahamian’s say “I tink yer screwed mon”.


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