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Beetle Mania

Big Hole River 256 cfs-Melrose, 322 cfs-Maidenrock

It was no more than 200 feet out of the gate this morning and we already had a 19 inch brown trout caught on a twisted sister. Dave was a bit reluctant to cast to the area I wanted him to. It was close to shore, very shallow and just a slight flow. We caught a few more on that same pattern before it slowed up. Tricos started to come off and the fish were on em until the wind started to blow mach 2. We tried a new beetle pattern and for the next few hours it was hot. Had to tie it behind an attractor as it was hard to see but the fish loved it. In one particular slow pool Dave was casting in the deepest part with the most flow. I eased the anchor down and told him to watch the right shore where again it was shallow and almost dead water. In just a few seconds he saw the first big one and could not believe where that fish was at. Dave is a great caster and placed the fly just right. The fish inhaled it and exploded out of that shallow water. We caught three more in that same area of almost dead water and all on the beetle. It was a perfect day except for the wind at times. Lots of cloud cover and temps in the mid 70’s. Dave was using a medium fast Scott 6 wt and was glad he had it. Like many times folks will bring a light rod that is fine when there is no wind. When the wind picks up as it often does here in Montana they are basically dead in the water. As I have said many times before, bring a rod that will get the job done with the wind and won’t play a fish to death.


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