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Beef Cay Stake Out

Beef Cay is one of the first places I fished years ago on my first trip here. I had not fished it for quite some time. The tide was dropping and the wind was really rippin today out of the east. My plan was to drop anchor on the lee side of the island and just wait for the fish to head to the channel. I threw out the anchor but the wind was blowing so hard it started to blow me in the channel. Just as the anchor was dragging off the flat a school of about 50 bonefish crossed right over the anchor rope. I was standing on the bow and remember muttering to my self “welll I’ll be a son of a bitch” Of course the rod was still in the rod holder and by this time the boat is well out in the channel. I pulled up the anchor, cranked up the engine and thought we will just try this again. This time I tied the anchor rope to a stout mangrove branch and waded out. I hadn’t gone 50 feet when I saw a nice bone coming right at me but the cast had to be right into the teeth of the wind. On my first attempt I think I lost about 5 yards. The fish was still coming so I had a new play call in mind. I quickly moved off to the side, threw the fly cross wind in the anticipated path of the fish, waited till he got close, stripped, he ate it and was off to the races. I gave myself a little pat on the shoulder and just about that time the fish made a hard run. Some how my backing tangled, back lashed, the line went super tight and snap. Even with 13 lb tippet it wasn’t going to stop that big boy while he was still real green. The pat on the back was a bit premature as it turns out.

Forecast is for diminishing winds and temps in the mid 80’s. I can deal with that.


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