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Beautiful Day

Big Hole River 2190 cfs and dropping. visibility-3 feet

It was a bright, warm, beautiful day with no wind and the fish were taking a siesta it seemed. They wouldn’t touch a streamer for the most part and were pretty finicky with the nymphs also. Three days ago on that same stretch the river was very murky and it was cold and windy and we were whacking big fish. I guess you just can’t have really nice weather and good fishing too. It is a fact that the worse the weather the better the streamer fishing is. A guide who fished the lower river said he got into some skawla action.

Forecast for tomorrow is more of the same and Sunday the clouds move in for a few days.

Herman Bain from Andros Island just called in a report. He fished Bowen Sound today and said conditions were ideal with little wind and tailing fish all over the place. The biggest bones they got were about six pounds. They saw some double digit fish but couldn’t quite get the cast to them. He said he is getting his computer in this weekend and I reminded him that he told me that last year. He assured me it came in on today’s boat. With that hooked up he will be able to e-mail me daily reports which will be great.


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