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Beautiful day

Yesterday was about as nice as it can possibly get this time of year. We floated Jerry to Silver Bridge. The weather hovered in the mid sixties all day, and the breeze was pretty harmless. The river is still staying pretty steady at around 990cfs, not a huge jump from the last few days. So, about the fishing… it was spotty throughout the day. We pretty much fished streamers all day long even though it was a bright sunny day. Olive seemed to be the color of choice. We tried just about every possible color. Caught some beautiful big fish, but felt like we should have seen more. An interesting thing happened on the water, a nice 15 inch brown we landed had about a 4 inch sculpin hanging out of his mouth. I guess he just wasnt satisfied with one sculpin, he had to have two! Another cool thing that happened was a friend of mine hooked two little browns at once, one on the dry and one on the dropper, I had never seen that before! each day out on the water is a new experience, and chances are youll probably see something that you have never seen before, and that will always keep me coming back day after day.


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