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Back To Reality

After a few days on the westside it’s hard to get motivated for fishing back in Fresh Creek. I did go out today for a few hours and didn’t find many fish and the ones I found were not real interested in the fly I was showing them. Of course I was basically taking my rod for a walk as I was not really into it. The high point of the day was when this huge manta ray came flying out of the water not far from the boat.

Late this afternoon I drove by the roundabout and noticed the conch salad stand was open. I thought I better cut back on the conch for gout reasons. Half hour later I drove by it again and this time the craving for conch salad took over and I turned around. The guy behind the stand was laughing and said he knew the first time I drove by he started making my salad. Starting to get predictable to the local Bahamians—-maybe I have been on the island too long, but I doubt it.

Looks to be a real calm day tomorrow so be good to maybe head to south buoy out off the reef.

BBQ ribs tonight on the Green Eyed Lady here at Hank’s


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