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Back from a short stay in Ft. Lauderdale with my friend Jan. Best part of the stay was going out to a steak house and have a medium rare steak. I needed that. A little hint—-do not order a steak here on the Island. No matter what they say how good it will be, trust me, they have no clue how to cook  a steak.

The ocean flat south  of here where I went yesterday was pretty skimpy as far as numbers of bonefish I saw. Normally that’s a great spot and the tide was perfect on the rise. The only thing I could think of was the water seemed like it was too warm. I talked to Bradley this morning and he blamed it on the nip tide—-could be, who knows.

A little incident happened last night off the trimarin, Bradypus. I was invited out for a couple cocktails and to listen to this couple playing guitar and singing. After about an hour I headed back to the dock to meet someone. Well I found out this morning that  a certain gal who Audrey was taking back to the  dock in her little dingy somehow lost her balance and half way between the Bradypus and the dock she did a header right into the  sea. Then she couldn’t get back in and as Audrey was trying to help her in the tide was carrying them into the dark and out to sea. She finally managed to climb aboard and was delivered to the dock. When she told me that story this morning she suddenly hesitated and said “your not going to print this are you”? I said of course I’am. She begged me not to tell her name and after negotiating certain future matters, I agreed.


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