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Andros Island Report

Big Hole River 572 cfs—Maidenrock and fishing very well for big fish. Two 28 inch brown’s and 22 inch rainbow in last couple days. Pics in next report.

Sounds like tough weather conditions on Andros. This report from Jim on Andros.

Thurs-Well, tropical storm Richard didn’t do us any favors. It kept spinning off enough moisture to discourage our trip to Williams Island today. So we decided to go outside again and try a few places outside the reef down by Young Sound. Bottom fishinng was terrific. Trigger fish and Yellow Tail mostly. Hank really picked it up today catching fish at about an 8 to 1 pace from Sandee and I. We filled a cooler as the first wave of rain hit us. Dumped in buckets for a out 15 minutes. They call those showers down here. Not by any definition I recall. We fished for another 20 minutes or soand decided to go in and drop a cooler and grab another one. Hank was not going to quit. Just as we started inn the second wave of rain hit us. We were crusiing up the reef to get to the Autec channel. visibility about 200 feet and only about 15 feeet thru myglasses, and yep it happened. We hit the reef. Only real damage was to the prop, which was bent and broken, and to Hank’s and my pride. Had to pole our way off the reef and got under way again this time went way out and visibility improved enough that we could see an Autec boat coming out of the channel. The lesson is, with no visibility or a gps track to follow, shut down, anchor up and wait it out. Needless to say, we didn’t go back out. We cleaned fish, showered up, had a few drinks and licked our wounds.

Fri—-In the morning, it looked like the rain was going to let upand the wind was stiff. Not too bad for boating but bonefishing was out of the question. Took aride out beyond the the reef again and down by Coakley Town north of Goat Island. Tried some bottom fishing with very litttle luck. Tide (called spring tide) was very high and between strong current and wind. fishing conditions were poor. It started raining in the afternoon again.

Sat and Sun.—-High winds and overcast kept us from pretty much doing anything these couple of days. Took a ride of the creek both both days and trolled for Cuda and did some bottom fishing. Only caught several small mutton and gray snapper. Heading out to fish with Gogie onMonday. This will be our last day here seeing as we are leaving Tues. morning. Hopefully it will be a decent day in defiance of the weather forecast.


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