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Andros Island

Big Hole 383 cfs Jefferson 768 cfs

I talked to Herman Bain down in Andros Island yesterday and he said the bonefishing this time of year is really good. Herman is the Bahamian guide who was here in Montana in June. He said he showed all his buddy’s the photos of him when I put him on a horse and we went for a little ride and now they all want to come to Montana and float the river and ride horses. I’m going to try to get over to Andros next month for a little R&D if things work out.

If your considering a trip to Andros, get in touch with me and we can arrange it for you. Through Herman trips can be set up to go to the West Side, Joulters, Fresh Creek, Bowen Sound, Young Sound and many other places. Andros is a big island with many places to explore and that’s why I love it. If you want to go there for a week and only want to fish with a guide for a couple days, we can set that up also.

In my opinion Herman Bain is one of the best guides in the Bahamas. Not only for his knowledge of the island and where to find the fish, but also for his customer service. For example if you can only cast about forty feet, he will work with that, unlike some other guides I have been around there that could only criticize how bad you are and keep showing how they could cast a hundred feet or more.

On the Big Hole, I had a very good report from some guys who floated the lower river yesterday. They said they did really well on big prince nymphs and C. K. Specials. A C.K. was originally tied by Chuck Kraft in Virginia for small mouth bass—what ever it takes.


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