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Andros Island

Well I finally made it here to Andros-Fresh Creek. Got here this Christmas morning around eight. Instead of flying Western Air from Nassau to here I tried Glenn who was referred by Erik. It’s a 7 or 8 passenger twin engine plane that seems to be in pretty good condition. By that I mean no major visible oil leaks or broken out windows and such and he only charges $60 compared to $70 one way with Western.

I only have a slight little problem—I can’t find my reels. I always leave all my saltwater gear down here, packed away nice and dry. Searched through all the boxes and no reels. Did I take them home last year to clean them? Perhaps during a mind fade did I throw them away? Hard tellin. But if you think I’m freakin out over it—–wrong. It’s 82 degrees this Christmas night with just a light wind and I’m lovin it. Hank has a couple old reels that will work just fine.


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