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Andros Island

Temp. 80 degrees, partly cloudy and the legendary Hanky Panky himself.

Well it’s my third day here and don’t ask me how the fishing is cuz I haven’t been yet. Pretty much just relaxing and getting all my gear and boat ready.

I flew from Nassau to Andros with Glen again and amazingly it was the same plane we crash landed  with last year. Glen said it  was good to go so I believed him. However I personally checked for hydraulic leaks.

Wind has been blowing pretty hard every day but forecast for most  of next week looks great.  That is when things will heat up as Hank and I are planning a trip out to the reef. He claims I always lie about the results so I told him to do the report. It should be fun regardless.

Hank said he still has several  openings in January. He also has access to a new off  shore boat for anyone who would like to  do dat.

Photos will appear as soon as I figure out the new computer and camera.

Morten and I  are already in the planning stages for a west side  trip. Really looking forward to that.

More reports to come  so stay tuned.


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