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Amazing Sights

Big Hole 209 cfs Beaverhead 124 cfs Jefferson 465 cfs

Aside from fishing when we are floating the rivers, often we see some pretty amazing sights. We were floating in the canyon area on the Missouri the other day and we watched this pelican get a fish and then lost it. A gull was trying to steal it and the pelican was chasing it away. In the mean time a bald eagle came diving off a cliff and got the fish. As soon as it started flying away with his catch, an immature bald eagle joined it screeching his head off. As they flew near the top of the cliff the adult eagle dropped it to the young one in mid air. There were a lot of chatter in my boat as Larry and Ann kept repeating to each other, ” did you see that, did you see that”? I told them it cost extra to see stuff like that, (joking of course).

The morning only fishing restriction on the Jefferson has been lifted due to lower water temps. and increased flow. I have not received any reports on the fishing there but it should start to get good. The Jeff. is a great streamer river with some really hot fish. Art just came off the river and got his brown trout fix so he’s ready to go back to work now.


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