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Against All Odds

Big Hole 170 cfs Beaverhead 135 cfs

The wind today was some thing else, blowing hard right up river all day. At one point as we were pulled over it blew a big cottonwood tree down across the river. That was enough for the other boat that was near us and they headed for the take out. I asked Roger if he was ready to quit and he said hell no. I wasn’t either as I have not been skunked for a long time and wasn’t going to today. Roger is a very good fly caster and with his ability to punch it into the wind we boated several trout in the afternoon on a hopper and an ant pattern. Toward the end of the trip we tied on a streamer and and swung it through a couple fast runs and hooked two big fish. For some reason both pulled out before we saw them. By the way they had my 6 wt streamer rod bent they were both good sized fish. It turned out to be quite a good day despite the conditions. Like the old saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going or it’s time to cowboy up.


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