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About Time

Big Hole 818 cfs Beaverhead 495 cfs Jefferson 1130 cfs

I’m starting to get back on track now after a slightly hectic week. The fishing last week ranged from excellent to slow depending on who you talked to. Those lucky enough to be on the river last week with all that cloud cover did great. Right now mid morning is the best for dry fly’s. In the afternoon go to a dry with a nymph dropper or two nymphs. Pheasant tail, copper john and brasies will work. Personally I have had good success with #12 yellow humpy in the afternoon.

I just got a call from my friend Jim over on the Jeffrson and he said it’s looking great. Use streamers early in the morning over there for some exciting action. The forceast is for high’s about 90 for the next couple days so late afternoon fishing is going to be slow on both rivers.


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