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About Time

Big Hole 205 cfs-morning water temp. 55, late afternoon water temp. 63 Beaverhead 223 cfs

Every year they close the upper Big Hole when the flow gets down to 20 cfs at the Wisdom bridge and every year the Montana Standard would have a headline that read, Big Hole River Closure, leading a lot of people thinking the entire river was closed. Officially it’s closed again tomorrow and that is the 19 mile stretch from just above Wisdom down to the confluence with the North Fork of the Big Hole. This time however the newspaper headline said “Upper Big Hole Closed” and in a subtitle just below it read, “Remainder of entire Big Hole open to angling and not expected to close” They finally got it, it only took about ten years.

The tricos were a little late this morning probable due to the frost we had last night. When they did come out there were a lot of them and fish were sipping, gulping, and splashing every where. Dry fly fishing came to an abrupt halt after the tricos were gone. Had one big brown take a serious look at a hopper and another broke off on a caddis. Didn’t try any nymphs. Evening fishing has been good on dry’s from about seven til dark mostly on caddis. Mid afternoon on a bright day is a bust for top water action.


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