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A Romantic Christmas

This is a little story about Rick and Patty from Dewey, Mt. which is about five miles upstream from Divide. Rick guided for me from time to time. About ten years ago he met Patty and their first date was a float trip down the Big Hole where they stopped by the Big Rock and had a picnic which included barbacued steak and every thing that goes with it, (he must have really been trying to impress her). Well it worked and it was love ever since then. They have been living together and enjoying each others company and floating the river and having a picnic at the same spot when ever they wanted a romantic getaway.

I ran into them the other day and Rick whispered in my ear, “we haven’t told anybody but we’re going to the court house tomorrow and getting married”. Patty is always smiling but this time she was gleaming. I looked at Rick’s face to see if he was serious as he can be one of the biggest bs’ers in the valley. He looked me straight in the eye and nodded. I couldn’t help but to give each of them a big hug and my condolences—I mean best wishes.

Well they did it and Patty is still giddy and gleaming. I have known Rick for many years, and shared many experiences together, some good, some not so good. I know for a fact that when they took the vows and said til death do us part, they meant it. I was going to offer them a float trip for their honeymoon, but I don’t think they want me along.


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