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A Little Rain Helps

Big Hole River 172 cfs Beaverhead River 419 cfs

A couple rain showers in the last couple days has helped to bring the river up just a bit. We just might make it through this thing yet. I certainly hope so because the fishing is terrific. I hope I don’t sound like some of the fishing reports coming out of some of the warehouse shops where they report excellent fishing every day on their rivers. When the fishing is slow on this river I usually tell it like it is but the trico’s and before that the spurce moths have made for some mighty fine dry fly fishing on the Big Hole. Hoppers, ants and beetles are also getting some attention.

I received some misleading information about that big log across the river at the mouth of the canyon. It turns out there never was a log there and that excavator just built up the wing dam and made it longer but left a slot to float through.

How ever there are two wing dams down river that totally block the stream with big logs placed in the slots. One is just above the Meriwether Ranch Bridge and the other is about a half mile below it. We are trying every avenue we can think of to get these removed.

Perk Perkins (President and CEO of Orvis) stopped by the shop this morning on his way to do a little fishing on the Big Hole. I wasn’t there but he asked Art if he could meet with me later to discuss some issues concerning the river. He indicated he would be very much interested in getting involved with us regarding these issues. He was on a very tight schedule today and wants to get together in the near future. I look forward to meeting with him and welcome him aboard. I wonder if I can sell him a Scott Rod?

The Blue Moon opened yesterday and the resturant will be in full swing in a day or two.


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