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A Little Left, A Little Right

Big Hole River 472 cfs

At times an experienced guide can call fish within a second or two. This just comes with years of reading the water and knowinng where the fish hang out. Now there are times when an experienced guide gets his butt kicked. Such was the case two days ago with me in the afternoon. The morning was great and we found several large sippers in back water pockets where many don’t even bother to look. Mid afternoon was so bad I was happy to get a couple whitefish.

Yesterday was a different story as we tied hoppers on right off the gitgo and stayed with them all day. We even tried a pink hopper and it worked just fine until we hung it in a willow. I had my doubts about that pinky but it made me a believer. I called several fish within a couple seconds but tried not to get a big head as I had my head handed to me the afternoon before.

One of the few times I did not have my camera along and what a sight to see. We were just finishing lunch when I looked down stream and saw not one but three large bull moose crossing the river. In 30 + years of floating Montana riv ers I have never seen three mature bull moose together like that.

As for the title of this post, often I will tell my fisherman a little left, then a little right and right there. This was going on yesterday and it was one of those days when it all  worked out.


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