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A lesson in humility

Mutton snapper

So yesterday the wind was blowing up  to 30 knots but that  didn’t stop Hank and I to continue our battle. This time it was a complete  blow out with yours truly the victor.

I hooked up first with a nice size mutton. In about 5 minutes I got another one about the same size. I told Hank now I’m gonna  catch a real big one. Lo and behold in another 5 minutes I had him on. I knew it was a big one and it took quite awhile to boat him.

Now it was my turn to talk some turkey. I started with asking Hank what he was going to have for dinner like he kept asking me the other day. Also by this time Hank finally caught one about 8 inches long. I said we could use it for bait.

I couldn’t wait to get back the the dock and start telling every one I kicked his butt. And I told every one. People I  didn’t even know were told.

Now Hank can’t wait to get on the water again to avenge himself.

So tonight we dine on fresh mutton snapper.


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