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Now I have seen it rain pretty hard in Montana at times but late this afternoon it rained here for a couple hours like I have never seen it rain before. I mean it was like a continuos cloud burst. I was out fishing when I saw those dark clouds coming out of the SW. I thought about waiting it out but something looked quite ominous in those clouds so I hauled butt back to the dock. Hank and his brother Alex pulled in just about the same time from fishing out by the reef. They had a big cooler of fish to clean and Alex stood out in the rain on the cleaning table til the job was done. They had lots of fish but nothing compared to the big cuda I threw up on the dock. Those things are a real kick to catch on a fly rod. Their first run is hot and fast and they go airborne like crazy.

It’s a new day and unlike yesterday with the heavy rain today was perfect. The sea was about as calm as I have ever seen it. It would have been an excellent day to head south in the ocean in search of the schools of dorado. Trouble with boat trailers and boats prevented that. I went up the creek for a couple hours and in that dead calm water the fish were pretty spooky. They were also very finicky as I had more refusals today than ever.


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