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Big Hole River 1250 cfs

Amos doesn’t have a herd of sheep to watch over so now he’s adopted the deer. The mule deer have been coming in the yard well before dark feasting on that new green grass.  As you can see in the pic Amos doesn’t even bother to get up. I missed the shot when they were almost 10 feet apart and looked to be going nose to nose.

Got a short report from Sean over on Andros Island. They had gone to the west side out of Red Bays. Got some stupid bonefish and good shots at big tarpon and permit but no hookups on them. Today they are going back to the west side to another spot where Tommy has found several tarpon.

The Big Hole is still in great condition and fishing good. Forecast is for 65 tomorrow so I better do an R&D trip.


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