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Big Hole River 3890 cfs

It rained hard last night and consequently the river came up, really up. It was at 2660 cfs early this morning so that’s a jump of over 1200 cfs during the course of the day and you know what that did to the fishing. We floated from Divide to Brown’s Bridge and it was terrible. The willows in the lower part of the canyon were loaded with Salmon Fly’s and a few flying and dropping in the river but the fish were not on them. Had the river not taken such a drastic rise the fishing would have been good today. As soon as it levels off it will pick up but that’s hard to say when as more rain is forecast.

Wish I could have given a better report but that’s the way it is folks. By looking at the cfs graph it’s climbing steeper than a cow’s face.

I noticed a couple Western Tanningers perched in a willow amidst a bunch of Salmon Fly’s and they were looking at them as if to say, I just can’t eat one more.


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