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R & D

Big Hole River 572 c fs

We did a R & D trip today on the lower river, Glen to Notch Bottom to be exact. I had heard rumors of some channels being blocked down there so I  wanted to check it out myself. Also to see some new water. I had not floated that stretch at all this year yet.

Good news and bad news. First for the good news. The fishing with hopper and chubby patterns was pretty good. Now for the bad news. The river is completely blocked in two places. The destruction down there from all the high water is unbelievable. Hugh cotton wood trees uprooted all over the place. The first log jam is pretty easy to get around. The second is not. You have to carry or drag your boat across the rocks for a ways. Both these jams are just upriver from Sandy Hollow channel. In that area the ri ver is completely different from last year. I would not try this stretch with a canoe as there are several narrow ninety degree turns.

Speaking of canoes, I guess there is another one wrapped around the rock at the head of the piling hole. The piling hole is about a mile above Jerry Creek  bridge. With the water dropping the slot is getting narrower at the head of this hole.

I heard hopper and chubby patterns were working well yesterday in the Jerry Creek area. Dewey canyon fished tough today .


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