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  1. Paul Christensen

    A small group of us are spending a week in a friends cabin there sometime in July 2011. The exact dates have yet to be determined, but may be late in month.
    What will the fishing be like then and what do you recommend in the way of
    equipment to bring (ie: reel and rod size, flys, ) other than the waders, sunglasses, bug goop, etc…that you state in your faq? What is the cost if we wait to rent such items there? What will you be charging to guide at that time?

    I for one, have never fly fished before, although I’ve fished every other way, and I would like to learn. Do you recommend buying a cheap fly rod setup to practice with at home before getting wet, and if so, what size? Or is it easy enough to learn in a day of actual fishing? I am sure that on at least one of the days, we would like to eat some of the fish we catch, is there also bass fishing? How small are the small stream trout you mention?

    • AL, Your guide story reminded me of one… fishing with my Dad, a commercial Salmon fishermen, while passing below J. Krik Bridge I spotted a large trout bobbing along the bottom. Handed Dad the net and said lets get it…with high water I keep the boat straight as he went after the fish it would bob up and down and stiff as a board bobbed out of the net several times, we didn’t get it as we rolled into the white water below and it disappeared. Dad estimated it at 8lbs. Later I told Shawn J. about the incident and he told me his Uncle who worked on the FW&P shocking boat recorded an 8lb Brown under J. Krik Bridge a few days before…guess we know what happened to that fish! Keep the stories coming…did the 34 incher go back in? Those floating trophy fish make good mounts as you don’t have to kill them. Bob Little lic. 836 ” retired “!

  2. Mathew Jackson

    Was wondering if anyone would have the name and number of someone to shuttle my rig next week while I am fishing the Big Hole and Beaverhead river.

    If you do that would be great.

    • We do Big Hole shuttles here at the shop on Pump Station Rd. Mile and half west of Divide, watch for signs.


  3. Regarding your Super Float.
    Can I order more. It was really worked better than anything I have ever used to float a fly.

    Keith Bowser
    3116 Ponderosa Dr.
    Allison Park, PA 15101

  4. John Frazier

    Al: No need to post this. Just wanted to say that Judy and I enjoyed our short time with you in Andros earlier this month. I must say it was even windier than when my son and I were there in January. After Andros, Judy and I stopped off in Long Island. I had hoped that being almost a hundred and fifty miles south of Andros, Long Island might have had less wind. However, it was about the same there throughout our stay. I did pick up one pretty nice fish that ran off about 150 yards in one, non-stop run; otherwise, it was pretty tough fishing although we did manage a number of other fish. I also hooked a couple of small tarpon, losing both on the third jump. I trust you have a healthy and productive summer season and look forward to seeing you in Andros next winter. Regards, JF

  5. John Hudnell

    Judy and I are planning to be in your area some time the first of August. We will fly home on the 9th and would like to book some dates to fish with you–for sure the morning of the 8th if that is available. We are flexible on other days. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon.

    John Hudnell
    Aurora, N. C.
    252 974-4064

  6. James Mawyer

    Hey Al, we will be out in may for at least a few months. We are leaving the 15 th and it will probably take a week. The sawmill will be in tow so put the word out. Hope our well and look forward to catching some fat browns with you. See you soon. Jamie

  7. John Hudnell

    We plan to be in your area the first of August and hope to book some floats with you again this year. We fly home on August 8 so for sure August 7 and maybe one or two other floats prior to that. Let us know how your schedule looks. Thanks.

  8. I enjoyed the videos of your bearfriend but was most interested in your comment about all the critters that cleaned up the apples, specifically the grouse! What specie, Ruffed? Are they common in the area? We come to Dillon every Sept. to fish & I know bird season opens the first but always thought I’d have to go farther north to grouse hunt.

    dave Madsen

  9. Hey Al!!!!

    Thanks a ton for the Boots. You are a trip saver. Fishing wasn’t crazy but pretty good.

    Have a great winter and hope to see ya in the Spring.

    Thanks Again!!!

  10. Al…Thank God you are OK! George Peck told me of your airplane ride and I went to your site!! What an experience. See you this summer.
    Ron Benson

  11. Hi Al
    The Mutting started to bight they are bitting north
    i went out the channel on the north side where we went a few times
    i caught 2 very large one’s i was fishin g with 30lbs test for yellow tails
    30lbs is know line to fish with when the muttings around,
    I hook about five landed two i was happy i went north Monday and fish all night until
    Tuesday morning i caught two and about 80 yellow tails i had a lot ofr fun
    hope you was here so you can learh some thing about fishing
    even after 12 years trying to teach you i know there is hope you are my friend and i will not give up.
    It is so importent to me to know that i can teach the worst fisherman in the world
    how to fish.

  12. Lane Roquemore

    Craig, we are looking forward to this trip. We hope to stay at your lodge the nights of the 8th and 9th and fish the 9th and 10th. If the is any paper work to fill out in advance please send it to the posted email address. I will be willing to pay for the trip in advance. I believe we will supply our own lunches as my friend requires a gluten free diet and is very cautious about her food. Hope to hear from you soon.


    • Lane,

      We are all set for your trip. My wife will be emailing you an invoice this afternoon if possible, but certainly by the morning. Really excited to fish with you, everyone knows the best fish are always caught in the spring!

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