La Marche Creek

Big Hole 335 cfs
Beaverhead 404 cfs

The fly of choice today would have to the the purple haze. They wouldn’t hit a spruce moth pattern but they sure jumped on the haze.

No one is a better friend to the Grayling and the Big Hole River than Dave Guckenberg who owns the La Marche Creek Ranch. This creek originates high in the Pintlar Wilderness and flows through pristine forest before it enters his ranch and dumps into the Big Hole about 15 miles above Wise River. This is one of the few tributaries of the Big Hole where virtually no water is diverted for irrigation. Dave along with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is fencing the entire stream through his property to protect the banks from riparian damage. FWP is also going to dig several holes along the creek to create holding water for spawing Grayling. … Continue reading

Montana Poaching in the News

For some reason, there have been quite a few stories in the news about poachers in Montana. I first saw this story about some numb-nut in Butte. I then saw another about a man who shot a bighorn sheep on his daughter’s tag. Lastly, and on a more humorous note, are the stories from Montana’s beloved game wardens and their experiences in the field. Some of these individuals will make you think twice before heading out on that next hunting trip.

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Montana FWP offers Student Internships

I read in the Billings Gazette that the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks is offering internships to elligable college students. The interships start in May and go into late August and pays about $8-10 per hour. Some of the positions look pretty interesting and could offer great opportunities to get into Montana backcountry to see some areas that are seldom seen by most. And get paid for it!

Visit the Montana FWP web site to read more about their intership program, or click here to view the entire list of job openings.

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Whirling Disease

While fishing the Middle Provo River in Utah on Saturday, I saw a number of dead fish and others that were close to death. Although I’ve fished a number of streams that are infected with Whirling Disease, I guess I’ve been lucky to have not caught infected trout. I was curious what symptoms infected trout would have, and did a little bit of searching. I found a link from the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks, to the Montana Water Center where there are a few videos that show trout with Whirling Disease.

It’s some interesting, scary stuff. Definately makes you want to take the extra effort and clean your wading gear when moving from river to river.

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