Immediate Attention

I have just been notified of a proposed law concerning flats fishing in the Bahamas. There is a proposed law which would eliminate all non Bahamians from fishing without a Bahamian guide. Several of my contacts hire a guide for a couple days and then rent a boat to go out on their own as they cannot afford to hire a guide every day.

I found out the dead line for commenting on this law is tomorrow, June 26th. I also just found  out about this from my friends in Norway. It seems like they are trying to push it through quickly.

Please comment to  and cc to

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Win this Boat!


Our friends from the Big Hole River Foundation dropped this 2015 Montana Skiff at the shop over the weekend. You can buy raffle tickets to win this boat (drawing July 18 at the Big Hole River Day) from us at the shop. Tickets are $20 each or 6 for $100. Every bundle of 6 tickets purchased will also be entered in a Second Chance Drawing for a Montana Rodsmith custom fly rod.

Winner of the boat will receive the Skiff, trailer, storage boxes, seats, oars, locks, anchor system, front and rear knee braces and tie downs.

Don’t miss out on this chance, a truly awesome boat, and supporting a great cause.

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Fishing Report for June 14, 2015

I have been out on the water for the past week.  The fishing has been good when you can find a place to fish around the boats.  The report from the lower river (Dead Zone down stream) is that the fish are eating nymphs.  The boats that have reported good days down there have been fishing turds, worms, and prince nymphs under an indicator, with some fish looking at caddis in the afternoon. The mid-river stretches (East Bank to Maiden Rock) have been hit and miss.  Most of the folks that are chasing the big bugs have been sticking to the main hatch area between Jerry Creek and Divide.  When I fished, there was barely enough room to put your boat without having 3 other boats in sight.  Most of the fisherman are pounding the banks, but good fish seem to be coming out of the middle.  I had … Continue reading

Salmon Flies Spotted on the Big Hole River!

Not unlike the fabled Big Foot, salmon flies have been spotted in several different areas on the Big Hole River.  As you all can imagine, the word is getting out fast.  I don’t believe anything I hear until I spot the western tanagers.  The birds have shown up in force, and if there is anything the valley has taught me over the last 15 years, it is that the birds are always on time.  The first bugs spotted were on the upper river near Fish Trap, which is contradictory to the school of thought that tells us that the bugs always move up river.  I think that this anomaly can be attributed to the fact that the water in the upper valley is warmer, and the sun is on the water longer.  I fished the Dewey Canyon yesterday, and did well on silver/white, and gold/white streamers, but only saw … Continue reading

Guide Day Off: Upper Big Hole Report

Yesterday was a great day to be out.  The sun was out and the wind was blowing, but we still managed to catch fish on several different patterns.  The best streamer seemed to be the white and silver.  I caught a couple nice browns right off the bat, but as the sun came over us the streamer bite slowed down and shut off around noon.  George caught a couple on a san juan worm under a chubby until we started seeing rises and switched to caddis and quills.  The dries worked well the rest of the day.  Al started throwing a peacock chubby with a caddis pupa in the early afternoon, and to our surprise, the fish started hitting the big bug as well.  When George started rowing I moved to the front of the boat and put on a brown gypsy king #12 followed by a #16 olive … Continue reading

Memorial Day Mayhem

The weekend has been a success.  The shop is busy, shuttles are steady, and we clearly need to stock night crawlers for the Butte contingent.  Last night the owners of GDO took the liberty of camping at Salmon Fly access in Melrose.  The fire was hot and the beer was cold and George Strait was amazing.  This morning is a little foggy but the coffee is working its magic.

Today Al, George Peck, and I are heading up river to see if we can’t scare up a big boy or two.  I am only bringing my seven weight in hopes that I might need it.  The sky’s are blue but the weather is suppose to deteriorate as the day goes on which should bode well for the streamer bite.  I will be updating this post this evening with more information and pictures…Thanks to everyone who visited the shop and … Continue reading

Day off on the Lower Beaverhead River

Thursday was a day to be throwing streamers, and the Lower Beaverhead is a damn good place to do it.  The raft was on its first trip with all the owners of Great Divide Outfitters since it was overhauled by our friends at Sotar.  A drift boat would have a tough time in the shallow water, but the raft was excellent, and the fish were easy to get at.

If you haven’t fished the lower reaches of the Beaverhead river it can be described as a incredibly tight irrigation ditch.  The corners are deep, the banks are undercut and muddy, and the hatches are limited.  Personally, this stretch is one of our favorites.  The lack of people, roads, bridges, and garbage makes the river feel a little more out of the way than it actually is.

We floated Selway to Anderson, starting at about 10 in the morning with … Continue reading

The Big Hole Blow Out

This past week has been fantastic.  The caddis have kept the fish looking up and the snow has been coming out of the hills slowly, keeping the water from getting too colored up.  Today the river has taken the bump.  The water came up considerably with the constant snow and rain over the past 3 days.  The yellow streamers have become the fly of choice over the caddis, due to cold temps and a rising river.  I had a chance to take my wife, Lia, out for an afternoon last week and we caught the caddis hatch dead nuts.  We fished dries all day and landed quite a few fish.  The olive and tan caddis were the best, size 16 and 18.

When the water rises many people think that the fishing is going to be slow.  Despite the fact that fish do not like rising water in general, and … Continue reading

Mothers Day Caddis Hatch continued….

Today I guided one of my favorite stretches of the Big Hole river, Jerry Creek to Divide.  When I arrived at the shop in the morning and made the previous post it was sunny with a slight breeze.  David and Kari showed up a few minutes early and we discussed how they would like the day to go.  Originally David and I talked about doing a half day float because the weather was going to be questionable, but after seeing the hatch yesterday there was no way I was going to let that happen.  Kari mentioned that one of the reasons that they had to be back early was because they had left their dog locked up at their house in Melrose.  I told the couple that the caddis were not going to come off the river until later in the afternoon and that if we were to get … Continue reading

Mothers Day Caddis Hatch Right On Time

It has been quite a few years since the Caddis hatch has made it’s debut on the day of its namesake.  The caddis have been creeping up the river slowly and have finally made it up to Divide in full force.  The hatch is coming off a little bit late still, around 4 PM.  I will be guiding today and will update this post this evening with pictures and comments on the day.  If it was anything like yesterday it should be a slam dunk.  Come see us and pick up a few locally tied miracle caddis #16 and get your fix before the crowds show up!



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