Local Dining

Big Hole River 386 cfs

I frequently get asked by fisherman who are not from the area where there is a good place to eat.

I’ll start down river with Debbie who owns the Hitchin Post in Melrose. You would have to travel a long way to find a better steak than she has. Burgers, fish and a full menu are to be had there. Debbie is a rancher lady so you get ranch style portions. Starting in mid June and through most of the summer there is normally a large dinner crowd so you might want to go early.

Going upstream to Wise River, Ron and Audrey are the new owners of the H-J saloon and resturant. Audrey does a great job in the resturant offering a full menu. She also has specials on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

There are also new owners of the Wise … Continue reading

Trout Jerkey Success

I can finally report that my experiment with Smoked Trout Jerkey was a success. On Saturday I went float-tubing on a local lake with some friends of mine. Although fishing was slow I was able to pull an 18″ Cutthroat out of the stream that flows out of the reservoir.

Saturday night I filleted the trout and cured them with salt and dill. After twenty-four hours I thoroughly rinsed off the salt with cold water and dried the excess water with paper towels. I then set up my smoker with a few charcoal brickets and water soaked applewood. I smoked the fillets (skin on, to hold the meat together) for about 5 hours.

The end result were two beautifully smoked, brick-red trout fillets. I had ommited the merinade mentioned in the recipe I used. It doesn’t need the additional flavor, which in my opinion would mask the … Continue reading

Smoked Trout Jerky

As a catch and release fisherman, I find myself in the akward position of keeping a trout from time to time. On those rare occasions I have a rule that I will only keep the fish if I can cook it and eat it within two hours of the catch.

While on a float trip down the Big Hole with Al one year, we pulled onto a gravel bar to eat lunch and fish the seam along the bank. As I ate my sandwich, Al unwrapped some aluminum foil, and produced, what he called, trout jerky. He told me that it’s the product and specialty of a local, but I failed to get any details on the preparation.

After some searching around on the Internet, I found what I think is a sound recipe for –
Smoked Trout Jerky

6 – 12 3/8″ thick trout filets … Continue reading