Lookin Good

Big Hole River 3560 cfs

The river came up just a bit today and I was surprised it didn’t come up more from all the snow and rain. Of course all the snow is still in the higher country and this last storm added to it. With the cool temps. forecast for the next few days the river should remain in good shape and the fishing should be good also.
I heard a rumor that some salmon fly’s appeared down by Glen yesterday. Let’s put it this way—if they did come out they had to be wearing their long johns and fleece jackets. The water temp. is gonna have to come up in the fifty’s before they start crawlin out.

I talked about that new sharkskin fly line from SA before and how I really liked it. Today I rigged up a Scott E2, 9ft, 4wt with a #4 Teton reel and #4 sharkskin fly line. I took it out along side the shop on the lawn to try it out. What a sweet combo that turned out to be. Many times with a 4 wt. when the wind comes up your toast. Not with this setup as it punched into the wind with gusto. Pretty impressive and it’s rigged up at the shop for anyone to try it.
In case your wondering the total cost for that setup is $655.

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Caddis a Comin

Big Hole River 4150 cfs and slowly dropping.

Wouldn’t ya know it here it is the end of May and a time when I don’t book any trips because historically the last week of May and the first week of June is peak runoff. The peak runoff was a week ago when the river crested at almost 8000 cfs. Since then it has been slowly dropping and the fishing getting better every day.
There are some that say that the peak runoff has not happened yet but I beg to differ with them. There is still lots of snow in the high country but unless we get a couple days of warm rain it will continue to come off gradually which is excellent.
So now we have a situation where the fishing for the next couple weeks is going to be outstanding and no clients.
The streamer fishing is great and in the next couple days the long awaited Mothers Day Caddis Hatch will be here. In two days the river should be blanketed with caddis. How do I know this? Now I can’t reveal all my sources.
With all that said I have many open days for the next couple weeks so if anyone wants to get in on some excellent fishing, let me know.

On a different note, I tried that new shark skin fly line the other day and really liked it. I liked it so much I’m gonna stock it in the shop. It’s not for the faint at heart as it goes for a hundred bucks a pop. It is the smoothest line I have ever thrown.

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