Lookin Good

Big Hole River 3560 cfs

The river came up just a bit today and I was surprised it didn’t come up more from all the snow and rain. Of course all the snow is still in the higher country and this last storm added to it. With the cool temps. forecast for the next few days the river should remain in good shape and the fishing should be good also.
I heard a rumor that some salmon fly’s appeared down by Glen yesterday. Let’s put it this way—if they did come out they had to be wearing their long johns and fleece jackets. The water temp. is gonna have to come up in the fifty’s before they start crawlin out.

I talked about that new sharkskin fly line from SA before and how I really liked it. Today I rigged up a Scott E2, 9ft, 4wt … Continue reading

Caddis a Comin

Big Hole River 4150 cfs and slowly dropping.

Wouldn’t ya know it here it is the end of May and a time when I don’t book any trips because historically the last week of May and the first week of June is peak runoff. The peak runoff was a week ago when the river crested at almost 8000 cfs. Since then it has been slowly dropping and the fishing getting better every day.
There are some that say that the peak runoff has not happened yet but I beg to differ with them. There is still lots of snow in the high country but unless we get a couple days of warm rain it will continue to come off gradually which is excellent.
So now we have a situation where the fishing for the next couple weeks is going to be outstanding and no clients.
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Salt Water Gear

I usually don’t try to promote or push certain gear as such in order to keep this site on an even keel without too much commercalism involved. Also the fact that I’am a Scott Rod dealer has nothing to do with it—–well maybe just a little bit.

There are numerous salt water rods on the market, some are good, some are junk but still cost like good. Scott has come up with their new X2S salt water rod and this is a dandy. It blows the doors off their old S3S as it loads easier and has the power of the old STS. That rod combined with Rio’s newer “Coral” salt water line is in my opinion a perfect match. This new line unlike their older bonefish taper line which retained memory worse than a roll of old rusty barb wire retains very little memory. At first I … Continue reading

A New Age

Today the guys from SMT (southern montana telephone) came to the house and hooked me up with their new dsl service. I applied for this service as it sounded like a good deal with all the long distance calls included and such. When I talked with them on the phone this morning they asked what kind of computer I had. I told them it was a Dell and so they asked what kind and I responded that it was kind of a black and grey one. There was a moment of silence on the phone and then he said “I’ll be there in about an hour”. When they got here they hooked up a couple new items and entered a few numbers and now this thing is ready for the race track. It’s amazing how much faster things come up. I thought to myself, why had I not … Continue reading

Unconditional Warranty

I have come to find out in the past years that when you purchase a rod or reel you definitely want one that comes with that unconditional warranty.
A good example is from my last trip to Andros. I have been using Teton reels which we are a dealer for. Another reason I use them is that they are very moderately priced, have a great disk drag and have that full warranty. The one I have been using on the cuda rod started to give up the ghost after five years of hard use especially after that last big cuda Jim hooked into. That fish hit so hard it spun the reel and the handle almost took his thumb off. The spool popped off the reel and it was a real cluster trying to hand line in this big fish. When I got back I called the … Continue reading

Saltwater Fly Fishing Equipment

When I go to Andros Island I always pack along two rods. You never know when a sea crab will snip off the tip of one of them. I use a Scott 8 and 9 wt. When their is a light wind the 8wt is fine but when the wind stiffens the 9wt is much easier to cast. Most times when wade fishing a flat or poling the skiff I have one rod rigged up for bonefish and the other rigged for barracuda. When wading I will simply tuck the cuda rod under my left arm pointing back. I started doing this after I missed several golden opportunities at casting to some big cudas when I only had the bonefish rod along. On the cuda rod I use a 30lb test toothy-critter leader made by Rio. I tie on a snap swivel to the steel leader and in … Continue reading

Fly Fishing Christmas Gifts

With Christmas just around the bend, it seems fitting to discuss the gifts that we as fly fishermen (and fisherwomen) receive from our loved ones. As I read this article by Mark Littleton of the Seattle Times I could relate to the gifts that he’s received over the years. I have the fly fishing teddy bear, oodles of fly fishing related christmas ornaments, and things that I wind up forgetting about until next Christmas when they’re drug out of a box labeled, “Christmas Decorations”.

Are we that difficult to shop for? What is it that we want anyway? Well, for me I think the best gift I could receive as a fly fisherman is a gift certificate to my local sportman’s shop, or to the local book store. Or just simply ask us what we’d like for Christmas.

But in the end, it’s really about the effort … Continue reading

Cane Versus Graphite/Glass Rods

After recently breaking my Scott 3-wt. rod a couple of weeks back, I was curious about how strong graphite and fiberglass rods actually are. With that in mind, I started looking up some information on cane/bamboo rods and why some fishermen choose to use natural cane rods versus rods made of man-made materials.

Other than feeling a sense of piety and being better than fishermen who don’t use cane rods, what are the real benefits of using cane rods? Are they just as strong as the graphite rods? And I can assure you, after looking at some prices of handmade cane rods, the prices are certainly not better.

Al, have you ever used a cane rod? What’s your opinion on cane vs. fiberglass/graphite?

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