The Murky Beaverhead

While the majority of our fishing is done on the Big Hole, we can’t forget about how awesome the Beaverhead is. A classic tailwater fishery that runs right through the heart of Dillon and the Beaverhead valley. In our downtime, it is a favorite for myself, Craig and John to go to have a chance at big trout and few people.

This past summer (and the summer before) the river was not usable for the majority of July, August and into September. Murky water and dense algae blooms from Clark Canyon Dam down the the Barrett’s diversion pushed anglers away. Wade Fellin of the Big Hole Lodge is helping to bring this issue to light. He works for the Upper Missouri Waterkeeper, and is working to get this solved. If your around Dillon on Friday, December 9 stop by the Beaverhead Brewing Company to “Meet you Waterkeeper” and learn … Continue reading

Ancat and Bigholetrout

Hi readers and fishermen of Andros,
It is time to say goodbye to our good friend Al, he has helped tremendously with the Fresh Creek Restoration project and we want to give him our best wishes and thanks……. tanks till we meet again!
The Andros Conservancy and Trust has spent the winter months well here in Fresh Creek and through encouragement and coersion have gotten a lot of people involved in removing debris from the waterways. Our membership base has doubled and over 21 tons of debris have been moved, including over 8,000 intact glass bottles. Ah yes guys, you will have to come up with a new name for ‘Bottle Bay’, maybe we could add: ‘the area formerly known as’. It is marvellous to go to this newly cleaned area and see fish.
We know that the source has to be dealt with too … Continue reading

Poster Child Project

One of the most successful steps taken so far in the grayling recovery program is the La Marche Creek project. Dave Guckenberg who is the owner of the La Marche Creek Ranch worked hand in hand with the Montana FWP to make this a model endeavor. They fenced the entire stream from the Forset Service boundary down to Hwy 43 to eliminate riparian damage from grazing cattle. This fence was also built to be wildlife friendly. In the fall after the cattle are taken off this fence is collapsed to allow for migrating deer and elk to pass through. Several holes were dug in the stream bed to act as holding water for spawing fish. After just one year this project turned out to be a huge success. According to survey’s done by the FWP (fish, wildlife & parks) it didn’t take long for the fish to find … Continue reading

The Other Film Festival In The Mountains

There was a time when the Sundance Film Festival held in Utah, didn’t draw too much attention from Hollywood moguls. But that was then and this is now, and frankly, I prefer the days when I could actually get a ticket to a movie viewing.

But there is hope. The little known, Montana Wildlife Film Festival, held in Missoula is the place to be for nature and wildlife film-makers. One of the favorites so far, is a BBC production called “Natural World: Dune”, which follows a grain of sand as it starts from the sand dunes and journeys across Africa to the rivers and finally to the ocean.

The festival is held in Missoula from May 1st through the 8th. For tickets and screening information visit their site. If anyone has the opportunity to screen some of this films, a report would be greatly appreciated.

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