Spruce Moths and new River restrictions

Kevin Warren


Spruce moth activity has been hot in the canyon, with the best fishing from Jerry Creek to Maiden Rock. We have been catching rising fish on a variety of patterns, the best being a #12 CDC Underwing Spruce Moth. Elk hair caddis and the 2Pac patterns have worked as well, #12-14. We expect to only see the moths our for a few more days, but there is really no way of knowing. The trico hatch has still been steady on most of the river. Stop in the shop to stock up on moths and grab a shuttle before you head out.

FWP announced yesterday that restrictions have been put back in place. Currently the river is under hoot-owl restrictions from Maiden Rock to the confluence with the Beaverhead. Additional restrictions are in place … Continue reading

Restrictions lifted on Big Hole

We are happy to report that the Hoot Owl restrictions have been lifted on the Big Hole River. The entire stretch of the Big Hole is now open under normal regulations. The restrictions on the Jefferson and Beaverhead rivers have also been removed. Enjoy it while you can, we are forecasted for some hot weather the next few days, which could raise the river temperatures again.

The tricos are still hatching heavily, with the best part of the hatch from 10:30 to about 12:30. We’ve heard a few people say they have started to see a few spruce moths in the canyon; if they begin to really come out, the dry fly fishing should be excellent. We like to throw elk hair caddis and tan sparkle bugs for fish feeding on the spruce moths.

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Lost Wallet

A wade fisherman, fishing around Saw Log lost his wallet yesterday, July 20. He also fished at the Jerry Creek FAS.  The wallet is tan, and fell out of his pocket. If you come across it, please drop it at the fly shop. Mr. Graff is willing to offer a reward for it safe return. Thank you!

Additionally, for those of you looking for some hatches, the tricos have started hatching. We have heard they are out from Dickie Bridge clear down to Brown’s Bridge. Mid-morning has been the heaviest portion of the hatch, sometime between 10 and 11 AM, lasting until about 1 PM.  As I write this it is pouring down rain in Divide; a welcome rain, sure to add some needed water to the Big Hole. Streamer’s have also been working well during the cloud cover. We recommend copper zonkers, olive/white coneheads, and white/pearl streamers. … Continue reading

Big Hole is open, and I had a blast.

I woke up this morning aiming to run the shop, until Al showed up and ruined my plans.  I couldn’t just let him go fishing by himself, and he is very persuasive.  Watching Al fish is quite the educational pleasure, and I learn something new every time.  I have fished with Craig for years, but fishing with Al is just as much fun.  I’m sure all you long time buddies and clients of Al’s agree.  We fished above Jerry Creek today and had the whole river to ourselves, Craig guided clients on a productive day as well. The bugs weren’t bad and we had 50/50 overcast and sunshine.  Al and I both caught a ton of small browns and rainbows, then I landed this brown after it slowly snuck up on my #16 parachute with it’s mouth wide open.  I guess I could have smiled a little more … Continue reading

Fishing Report From May 29th, 2015

The word was that big fish were eating up high.  As I reported in the last blog post, I was able to move some nice fish with Al a couple days before, but nothing worth writing home about.  The rain has caused the river to bump, losing at least half of the clarity, and moving grass and debris down river.  The boats that did go out headed up river, in search of cleaner water, and found that and more.  The reports started coming in that folks were catching some exceptional trout above East Bank access.  Al and I both went to the upper river yesterday (Friday) hoping that we might be able to join in the big fish hunt.

I put in around 11 am, anticipating that the water would need to warm up before the bugs and fish really began to move.  In the first 10 minutes … Continue reading

Man Eating Pheasant

doug's dadDoug’s dad with a measured 25 incher.

The other day Jim and his friend were heading down to the Maidenrock area when they came upon this rooster pheasant standing in the middle  of the road.  Jim’s friend got out to chase it off the road. Instead of running off it came after him and started pecking on his pant leg. He had enough of that and jumped back in the truck. Then the killer pheasant flew up and started raking his spurs on the window. They couldn’t believe it. He called me that evening and told the story. I believed him as earlier that day we came across that same bird. He would not get out of the road and actually chased the van about a hundred feet.

So if you are in the Maidenrock area … Continue reading

Skwalla Action

Maidenrock  Rams



It was good to see  those big full  curl rams in the Maidenrock area the other day. It has been quite awhile since we have seen them. Years ago they were plentiful and then disease hit and almost  wiped out the entire herd.

Top water action with skwallas has been great to say the least. A couple guys were in the shop the other  day and said they didn’t try any  skwalla’s because they didn’t see any. Fact is you very seldom see them but the fish know they are there. Only way to find out is tie on one of those big pattern and test the water. Those guys did yesterday and filed a super report with lots of  fish on top water and a twenty incher to top it offStill pretty cool but milder conditions by mid week is promised. River is fairly low … Continue reading


If you zoom in on this photo you  will see two birds on top  of that highest  rock on the  ridge. This was yesterday morning right behind my house. They are Canadian geese who for the time think  they are eagles. I  heard them honking like crazy and I  finally  spotted them high on that pinnacle.

The river is in great condition with the flow this morning at 850 cfs–Maidenrock. Visibility is great but the only problem is it has been colder than a well diggers —. Looks like the end of the week for warmer temps and the weekend looks good. Next week also looks great.

Skwalla action should still be happenin but streamers will rule for big fish.

Getting lots of predictions for  the peak flow with the earliest May 18th at 6970 and the latest so far June 8th at 8674 and 5890.


Lets Go Fishin

Big Hole River 951 cfs—Maidenrock

River dropping, temps. rising, all means it’s time to get serious about fishing.

Weather conditions look to be on the cool side for awhile so bring those layers of warm clothes.

High water flow on the Big Hole is still a ways off but there are some who want the action of picking the date and flow to start. So anyone wanting to confer with their crystal ball and come up with a prediction, please go for it. Send me the date and cfs flow and I’ll get er started. The winner will get a substantial prize this year with a dozen streamers already donated and there will be much more, should be fun again.


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