Getting A Fresh Drink


This photo was taken this morning right off Hank’s dock. That thing drank that fresh water like he had never had a drink in a long time. There were two of them and they were huge.

Just got back from an ocean flat with a couple friends. Conditions were not good, cloudy and wind blowin like hell. But Zac got a really big bonefish and the fishing was pretty good despite conditions.

I have been doing much more reef fishing than fly fishing for bones. I think I’m getting addicted to mutton snapper. If I go a couple days without it I seem to crave it.

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P1000790Mutton snapper getting bigger

We had several good dinners off this fish.

I think this island  is trying to kill me.  First it was a close encounter with smugglers a few years ago. Then it was the crash landing here at the airport last year. A couple days ago it was  an encounter  with a tornado.

Audrey and  I had just pulled  up to the dock and were quite happy as I had caught a wahoo on a fly rod. Audrey was cleaning the fish on the boat. Gogie was on the dock and said to  look at that little twister to  the north. At first  I  thought it just a dust devil  or  whirl wind. A few seconds later Gogie yelled to get off the  boat. I Iooked up  and this thing was heading right for us. I jumped on the dock and pulled Audrey on the dock when it hit. It picked up my boat just like a feather and flipped it upside down in the harbor.

I was  sick looking at my boat floating upside down out there. I was sure the engine would be ruined by the salt water and who knows what other damage.

With the help of several locals we got it close  to the dock and flip  it upright. I immediately called the local boat  mechanic. He flushed everything  out, drained the carbs, took the starter apart and cleaned it, squirted fresh water  in the cylinders. After a couple  hours of doing this we put it all back  together and fired it up. I was amazed it started. Austin said to put lots  of oil in the gas to lube the cylinders good. I  did all that and I lucked out that  is running  fine  now.

So  I wonder what  next mishap will be  heading my way. It don’t matter, cuz they ain’t gettin rid of me.

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A lesson in humility

P1010165Mutton snapper

So yesterday the wind was blowing up  to 30 knots but that  didn’t stop Hank and I to continue our battle. This time it was a complete  blow out with yours truly the victor.

I hooked up first with a nice size mutton. In about 5 minutes I got another one about the same size. I told Hank now I’m gonna  catch a real big one. Lo and behold in another 5 minutes I had him on. I knew it was a big one and it took quite awhile to boat him.

Now it was my turn to talk some turkey. I started with asking Hank what he was going to have for dinner like he kept asking me the other day. Also by this time Hank finally caught one about 8 inches long. I said we could use it for bait.

I couldn’t wait to get back the the dock and start telling every one I kicked his butt. And I told every one. People I  didn’t even know were told.

Now Hank can’t wait to get on the water again to avenge himself.

So tonight we dine on fresh mutton snapper.

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I have heard from several people that they have cancelled their trip to the Bahamas believing that proposal by Prescott and friends would go through.

I even had a guy stop by the house today telling me that he and his friends have cancelled their fishing trip to the Bahamas and are going to Belize instead.

I can tell you from a very reliable source in the Bahamas that proposal is dead and gone.

That is good news but the damage has been done. These guys have no  idea how much they have hurt the tourist business in the Bahamas.

I will be leaving for Andros  Island very soon and am looking forward to wading some of the endless flats there.

All though I have sold my business and have not been doing many posts, due to  popular demand I will do some fishing reports and posting pics from there.

On a side note the early snow pack here in SW Montana is great. That’s good news but it is also a wake up call for me to get the hell out of here and go to the warm waters of the Bahamas.

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Cuda Woman

P1000736Big Cuda

There she is again, cuda woman Sandy with a whopper caught on a fly. That’s Morten taking a close up shot. It was caught out near the reef. As you can see the ocean is really calm. It  has been very calm the past four days. Just the opposite when Erik and friends were here. It blew like crazy every day. Being the pro’s they are they still caught several bonefish and were able to do a trip to the Joulters.

I see where Erik said I was turning into a Bahamian.  He thought it was kinda funny when he saw me taping up a broken plug. I told him it was still good for a couple more fish. Actually I caught three more on it, so there.

Yesterday was super calm so we ventured way out in search of dorado. Mission was  to catch one on a fly. We did find some and within casting range but couldn’t get em to eat. Maybe try again tomorrow as forecast is for very light wind.

Hank got his twenty stitches taken out of his leg this morning. There are story’s going around Eva whacked him with a machete. Another one that  he got attacked while squatting in the bush by a wild boar. Another that he was bitten by a shark. Another that he was bitten by a king mack after gaffing it  in the boat. So which do you think is the real story?

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Catch And Release

IMG0007ACaught all four

I had a very successful day out at Somerset Beach. Not only did I hit the tide just right and caught some big bonefish on the incoming tide but look what else I caught.

After wading the flat for some time I headed back to the truck and came upon this catch of the day. And yes, I reluctantly released all four.

So I spent the next couple  hours on the beach with this catch enjoying their hospitality along with ice cold beer and snacks. I almost felt guilty with all their offerings—like I said, almost.

You will notice I did have my fly  rod in my left hand so this was a legal catch.

There were a couple  more pictures but I was  asked not to post them in case the wrong people saw them.

Just another hard day at work here  on Andros Island. I wonder how cold it is back in Montana—rather warm here I would  say.



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Yesterday was my birthday and as much as I tried to keep it quiet it didn’t work. I tell people I don’t have birthdays any more, I had enough. Well Hank and Eva conjured up a surprise party for me.

The cake actually came from a bakery in Nassau. Hank carried it on the plane without dropping or damaging  it a bit. I thought that was really nice of him. Of course he said it would go on my final bill along with the air fare, taxi fare and the KFC chicken he brought along.

Among the gifts were the finest rum out of Cuba, and cigars from the same place and just when I was trying to clean up my a act.

All in all it was a great party with some good friends here.

As it’s cold in much of the USA it is also pretty cold here last couple days. It got down to 50 last night which is really cold for this part of the country. Forecast is for upper 70’s and 80 in the next couple day s.

It has been unseasonably warm in Montana and it looks like the guys will open the shop early and floating, fishing the river. Snowpack in the high country is at or above average.

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Dry Rage

P1000726Huge Surge

Dry rage is what the locals call this huge surge. This is about the closest I wanted to get with my boat. This is a   very dangerous condition. Wind was absolutely calm and it was a bright clear day.

One local said this happens  when the wind  is under water???? Not too sure about that but the water is  so  stirred up it is a milky color.

Not really sure what causes it but I heard it started around Bermuda. One local fisherman said he  nearly lost his 20 foot boat in one of these waves. It is  still going on today which makes  for 3 days which is very rare.

Got into several schools of  bonefish yesterday with many hookups.

Going on our excursion to  the remote west  side  as soon as we get a 3 day good weather window.

Would like to hear comments regarding the new site. Looks good.

Looking forward to seeing pics of SE Asia from Craig and Lia.

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Sea Rescue

P1000711P1000709Fifty foot sailboat being pulled off the reef.

We got a report last night that a big sailboat had run aground on the reef as it had lost it’s rudder. Hank and I went out this morning to  check it out with my boat. We judged to get there right at high tide.  We had no idea we could pull it off.

After surveying the situation and all the coral heads around, Hank said he thought we could get it. We plotted a path between the coral heads, hooked on and began pulling. At first it wouldn’t budge and we kept pulling side to side.  I was watching the bottom and suddenly told Hank it’s moving. We kept towing until it was in deep water. The skipper on the boat was jumping up  and down yelling, I’m free, I’m free.

The sea gods were smiling on him this time. The sea was quite calm. If a strong wind had come up as predicted for tomorrow he would been just another wreck on the reef.

His high dollar sailboat is now tied up safely in  Fresh Creek Harbor. All we asked for payment was for about five gallons of fuel we used pulling him off. Needless to say he was quite a happy camper.

Feels good to help out someone in distress.

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Happy New Year

P1000704Another Bull Shark

And this guy was not too happy to be dragged up on the beach. Again we hooked him off the dock and again had to get into the boat and chase, pull tug all the way out to sea. It was close to an hour before he got tired enough to land. A couple pictures and put back into the sea so he can go and bite somebody cuz he is really pissed,

Sorry to report the weather here on Andros has been super. I see that back in Montana it was like -20 or something like that.

The reports I get from back there is that the snowpack is well above  average. That means another good water  year for the river.

Oh and I did get cussed at for the super glue article. It was  worth it.

The guys from Montana who are here now have all hooked up with their first bonefish. Weather permitting their heading to the west  side  tomorrow with Tommy and Bradley.


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