Getting A Fresh Drink


This photo was taken this morning right off Hank’s dock. That thing drank that fresh water like he had never had a drink in a long time. There were two of them and they were huge.

Just got back from an ocean flat with a couple friends. Conditions were not good, cloudy and wind blowin like hell. But Zac got a really big bonefish and the fishing was pretty good despite conditions.

I have been doing much more reef fishing than fly fishing for bones. I think I’m getting addicted to mutton snapper. If I go a couple days without it I seem to crave it.

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P1000790Mutton snapper getting bigger

We had several good dinners off this fish.

I think this island  is trying to kill me.  First it was a close encounter with smugglers a few years ago. Then it was the crash landing here at the airport last year. A couple days ago it was  an encounter  with a tornado.

Audrey and  I had just pulled  up to the dock and were quite happy as I had caught a wahoo on a fly rod. Audrey was cleaning the fish on the boat. Gogie was on the dock and said to  look at that little twister to  the north. At first  I  thought it just a dust devil  or  whirl wind. A few seconds later Gogie yelled to get off the  boat. I Iooked … Continue reading

A lesson in humility

P1010165Mutton snapper

So yesterday the wind was blowing up  to 30 knots but that  didn’t stop Hank and I to continue our battle. This time it was a complete  blow out with yours truly the victor.

I hooked up first with a nice size mutton. In about 5 minutes I got another one about the same size. I told Hank now I’m gonna  catch a real big one. Lo and behold in another 5 minutes I had him on. I knew it was a big one and it took quite awhile to boat him.

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Huge gray snapper

Well it’s started again. That is the competition between Hank and I. The wind has been blowing like crazy the last  couple days. I finally got my boat sea worthy and I talked Hank in joining me for a little outing. That was a mistake.

Wouldn’t you know he hooks up with this big gray snapper. All I heard from that point was what was I going to have to eat for dinner. He says I’m having this fresh snapper. So I replied, just how are you going to get back to the dock there wise ass? My boat, my idea, my location to fish. He finally conceded I was having fresh fish also when I threatened to kick his ass off the boat and leave him stranded on this little island miles from the dock.

No pictures due to my camera seems to have disappeared.

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I have heard from several people that they have cancelled their trip to the Bahamas believing that proposal by Prescott and friends would go through.

I even had a guy stop by the house today telling me that he and his friends have cancelled their fishing trip to the Bahamas and are going to Belize instead.

I can tell you from a very reliable source in the Bahamas that proposal is dead and gone.

That is good news but the damage has been done. These guys have no  idea how much they have hurt the tourist business in the Bahamas.

I will be leaving for Andros  Island very soon and am looking forward to wading some of the endless flats there.

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Immediate Attention

I have just been notified of a proposed law concerning flats fishing in the Bahamas. There is a proposed law which would eliminate all non Bahamians from fishing without a Bahamian guide. Several of my contacts hire a guide for a couple days and then rent a boat to go out on their own as they cannot afford to hire a guide every day.

I found out the dead line for commenting on this law is tomorrow, June 26th. I also just found  out about this from my friends in Norway. It seems like they are trying to push it through quickly.

Please comment to  and cc to

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Cuda Woman

P1000736Big Cuda

There she is again, cuda woman Sandy with a whopper caught on a fly. That’s Morten taking a close up shot. It was caught out near the reef. As you can see the ocean is really calm. It  has been very calm the past four days. Just the opposite when Erik and friends were here. It blew like crazy every day. Being the pro’s they are they still caught several bonefish and were able to do a trip to the Joulters.

I see where Erik said I was turning into a Bahamian.  He thought it was kinda funny when he saw me taping up a broken plug. I told him it was still good for a couple more fish. Actually I caught three … Continue reading

Catch And Release

IMG0007ACaught all four

I had a very successful day out at Somerset Beach. Not only did I hit the tide just right and caught some big bonefish on the incoming tide but look what else I caught.

After wading the flat for some time I headed back to the truck and came upon this catch of the day. And yes, I reluctantly released all four.

So I spent the next couple  hours on the beach with this catch enjoying their hospitality along with ice cold beer and snacks. I almost felt guilty with all their offerings—like I said, almost.

You will notice I did have my fly  rod in my left hand so this was a legal catch.

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Yesterday was my birthday and as much as I tried to keep it quiet it didn’t work. I tell people I don’t have birthdays any more, I had enough. Well Hank and Eva conjured up a surprise party for me.

The cake actually came from a bakery in Nassau. Hank carried it on the plane without dropping or damaging  it a bit. I thought that was really nice of him. Of course he said it would go on my final bill along with the air fare, taxi fare and the KFC chicken he brought along.

Among the gifts were the finest rum out of Cuba, and cigars from the same place and just when I was trying to clean up my a act.

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Dry Rage

P1000726Huge Surge

Dry rage is what the locals call this huge surge. This is about the closest I wanted to get with my boat. This is a   very dangerous condition. Wind was absolutely calm and it was a bright clear day.

One local said this happens  when the wind  is under water???? Not too sure about that but the water is  so  stirred up it is a milky color.

Not really sure what causes it but I heard it started around Bermuda. One local fisherman said he  nearly lost his 20 foot boat in one of these waves. It is  still going on today which makes  for 3 days which is very rare.

Got into several schools of  bonefish yesterday with many hookups.

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