Return the ResourceIf you have been around the shop, or if you have seen the GDO logo on hats, shirts and stickers, you may have wondered about the “jumping fish” that appears in our logo. Craig grew up in the outfitting business, and his mother helped with a lot of the artwork for the family business. The fish coming out of the water and going back in signifies “Return the Resource”, which means to return the fish that we catch back to the river, or catch and release fishing.


Craig has grown up learning and incorporating this motto in his own fishing practices, which led him to pursue a degree in Biology and Fresh Water Fisheries.  He enjoys sharing his knowledge of our natural resources, especially during a day of fishing.

Great Divide Outfitters takes pride in sharing our local Montana rivers with our guests, and helps them to understand why it is important to maintain and conserve the rivers for future generations. We are a proud supporter of Trout Unlimited and the Big Hole River Foundation. The efforts of these organizations help to protect and preserve our local fisheries, wildlife, land, and rivers.

Great Time With The Whole Team

Great time with the whole team. Wonderful experience. Looking forward to coming back soon!

Josh Simpson

We Will Be Back

Our crew just left the Silver Bow Club and this was our first stay but I will tell you – WE WILL BE BACK! We were guided on our floats by the very knowledgeable team at Great Divide Outfitters who partners with the SBC to provide and a great experience.

Craig & Lia Jones, the owners of GDO, were spot on for the fish. What an awesome experience (see some photos in the blog section).

If you are in need of a trip to release the stress of life – THIS IS IT.

Warm Regards,


Stopped at the Shop..

Stopped at the shop this past Friday (10/16/15) to purchase a couple flies and tippet. The guys at the shop were super knowledgeable. Really good guys, really good prices, and a perfect location.
They even took a late call and helped us out of a shuttle problem!
Thanks a ton!


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