Great Divide Outfitters is owned & operated by Craig and Lia Jones and John Fetter. They purchased the shop from Al Lefor in January 2015. The three owners hope to provide our fishing friends, from near and far, with everything they need to have a great time on the water. If you find all three of them working the shop, it’s not hard to persuade one of them to join you on the river!


craig_with_fishGrowing up in Montana was a dream come true for a young man like Craig. The rivers, mountains, and most of all, the streams fascinated and captivated him from a very young age. After high school, Craig pursued a degree in Biology, and in 2007 he graduated from the University of Montana-Western in Dillon.  Craig has been working in the outfitting business for 20 years and guiding for 15. Craig’s enthusiasm for fish and drive to teach people about fly fishing ensures a great day for any angler.



Lia moved to Dillon to attend the University of Montana Western in 2005. Lia’s childhood was dominated by her love for horses, and she competed through high school. While in school, Lia learned to love everything Montana has to offer, including fly-fishing.  After college, she became the Huntsman for Montana’s only registered fox hunt and remained in that position for 5 years. She is currently the head coach of the UM-W Equestrian Team, and helps to manage the lodge in Dillon.


John grew up in Maryland and found himself drawn to the mountains and wide open DSCN0528
spaces of Montana.  He moved to Bozeman at the age of 19, to pursue a degree in architecture.  John and Craig became great friends as they drove the backroads of Montana, finding new rivers to fish and the best camping spots around.  John and Craig have explored and fished most of the western waters of the state, and when Craig is busy, Lia and John have been known to disappear in search of new water, less people, and more fun.

Craig is an Amazing Guide

Craig is an amazing guide!! He is an amazing teacher, very thoughtful, and knowledgeable. Not to mention the amazing fly shop with some very unique items from local craftsman and artisans.

Grann Steele

Great Time With The Whole Team

Great time with the whole team. Wonderful experience. Looking forward to coming back soon!

Josh Simpson

The Best You Can Get!

The best you can get. The owners are personable and know what is going on with the river. 2 drift trips a great success.

Lee Fortune


  1. Roger Oettli

    Worked with Al and Art for a number of years. Hopefully will be up in a couple of weeks and will stop in for a visit.

    Great history, shop, and location.

  2. Roger Oettli

    Great history, shop, and location.

  3. Terry Cattermole

    Al Lefor knows the big hole river as well or better than any other person in that region. I had some of the best fishing of my life on the big hole with Al and Barry only surpassed by fishing Argentina & Chile with both of them.
    Al I hope all is well and I get to see you sometime soon and we can pass the beauty of Flyfishing on to my kids, once again floating the Big Hole river.
    Thanks for all the great memories.

  4. Stopped in the shop during my bike ride on the Tour Divide Trail. Had a nice time talking with John and another local about the area. I was looking for something to drink and John brought out his own milk and Hersey’s chocolate syrup so I could make some chocolate milk. This fueled me into the wind on the ride up to Wise River. Wanted to say thanks again for your hospitality.

  5. Stopped at the shop this past Friday(10/16/15) to purchase a couple flies and tippet. The guys at the shop were super knowledgeable. Really good guys, really good prices, and a perfect location.

    They even took a late call and helped us out of a shuttle problem!
    Thanks a ton!

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