east bank sunsetSunset at East Bank

What a great shot. Thanks to Dean W. for sending it to me.

Records are being broken for the highest flow in the Big Hole at this time. Presently at 790 cfs which is super for mid August.

All the rain yesterday put a damper on the trico action but there was plenty of action on big attractors and streamers.

I heard a rumor that fishing on the Big Hole was tough lately. Don’t know where they got that but I think they need a different guide.

Just a slight chanceĀ  for rain in the next few days.


  1. Hi Al, good to see you last week when I was in the area. I left this information at your shop but to anyone reading this: I “lost” a 8’6″ rod, reel and line just above the Dewey stretch last week. Let’s just say one minute it was on my raft and the next it wasn’t. Anyway, to anyone who finds it washed up or on the stream bottom I will offer a reward and a complete description of the outfit to whoever finds it. If you return it to Al at his shop he can hold it for me (I’m from Pennsylvania).

    Shot in the dark I know, but in the years I’ve kept up with Al’s blog I’m amazed at the amount of stuff like this that gets found and returned to its owner. So thanks in advance to everyone for keeping their ears and eyes open.


  2. I fished with Al yesterday. We caught fish all day, the biggest
    Was an 18″ brown and I got the “Big Hole Slam”. 2 yrs ago I lost my leg and nearly lost my hand in a motorcycle accident. So… if you get the right guide you can catch fish with one arm and one leg!!

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