West side shots

image 7watching for bonefishimage  6sunset from campimage 4image (1)Anne hooked up  with a sharkimage (2)camp on norwest pointimage (3)heading for fun


  1. Just caught the message in the sand, nice touch! Al are we to believe that bonefish and rod are yours or did Anne give them to you? Rumor has it she caught all the fish.

  2. OK the truth, she would hook them and then hand the rod to Morten or me.
    Was wondering if anyone would catch that message in the sand.

  3. About the fish, you are completely right!
    About the writing, you are right – it was just like being on Hanks, and you know he has been there!

  4. Watching for bonefish – yeah right! Its completely just hanging around in the evening,…..

  5. My fish must be the biggest, since Al chose not to post any pictures of it!

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