Miserable Weather, Super Fishing



Flow at Maidenrock 2300 cfs. Date: 4/28/14

Guides: Ben Hahn and Zach Lazzari

Outfitter: Great Divide Outfitters

Guided everywhere from East Bank to Melrose over the last four days. The best technique has been dead drifting streamers under an indicator and twitching occaisionally. Fishing tight to the banks has been the key as well.

Another critical tip is to listen to Al when choosing flies. I witnessed Al reccommend a fly to a fisherman and the fisherman just put it back in the box. I (Ben) grabbed a handful and all of our best fish were on it!

As long as the flows stay below 3000 cfs the river will be fishing really well and giving up some monster browns!

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  1. The mutting start to bite last week i went nort Andros to fish
    i got there 3 days late i only caught 4 after fishing all night
    the sharks was biting also after fighting the sharks with my 125lbs test line i trow out my 300 lbs test boy did i had a fight on my hand.
    I caught 80 plus yellow tayls nice size big enought to cut in three
    Troy caught 125 yellow but no mutting.
    i am going back next week i wish you was here so i can teach you something
    Even after 10 years you havent learn any thing i will not give up on you.

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