Grand Slam

mike 2014On A streamer

Got the grand slam yesterday with Mike S. Over coming his physical disabilities it turned out to be a great day. Had to hole up for some time waiting for a couple storms to blow through. At one point we were anchored while the lightning flashed and the wind gusts were blowing like hell. Mike told me to watch those big white flies hatching. I humored him awhile and finally told him they were cotton balls from the nearby cotton wood trees. He didn’t believe me at first but after looking closer he agreed.

It was all dry flies yesterday. The pic above is from a week ago with Mike G. By looking at the weather forecast I think it’s time to check out your bugger box. Much cooler temps and rain for the next few days. Big mayfly patterns and assorted chubbies should also work. Tricos might be put on hold for a bit.


  1. The fishing with Al was OUTSTANDING!! Like he said I got the Big Hole Grand Slam. Next time I want to get it on those white flies. LOL. Lost my leg and nearly lost my hand 2 yrs ago. So… I’m proof that if you have the right guide you can catch fish with one arm and one leg!!

  2. mike collins

    you look way to relaxed at work, what you need is a good Cuban and a glass of capt Morgan on ice to get you ready for hanks. enjoy the site keep it up my friend

  3. Hey Al,
    What do you think of the decision not to list the grayling on the endangered species list? The article I read bothered me a little when they quoted Mr Greenwald from the Center for Biological Diversity, he claims there are only 900 grayling in the bighole??? I’ve caught two, and I’ve seen my brother in law catch a couple, and my father one. Out of 3000 fish per mile and only 900 grayling we have gotten 5. Apparently we are the luckiest bastards on the big hole, and my bro in law and dad are terrible fishermen (Im average). We have also caught about 100 grayling in a few hours at a mountain lake above the big hole. To me it seems the grayling are doing fairly well. Thought??

  4. Hi Al. Looks like a local guide found my rod and reel minus the top half, it had worked it’s way downriver a couple miles. So we’ll see what condition the remaining rod is in and take it from there. Weird thing is all the line and backing had stripped off and were gone. I better learn to tie better knots!

    This gentleman refused any type of reward, saying he was glad to get it back to it’s rightful owner.

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