This shot was taken about a week ago. Looks like some pretty miserable conditions right? It was miserable but these two fisherman were having a grand time. On that particular day they caught numerous brown trout and a couple bows. I forgot how many they said but it was a bunch.

The river is now running at 5000 cfs and rising. This is the start of the runoff and it  will last awhile. Amazing as it is the river is still fishing, especially on the upper. Not real good but fishing. Also the caddis are still to come off which they will regardless of the flow. When that happens just find some back water and have fun.

I have not received many predictions on peak flow yet. With this high water starting early it may change some crystal balls.

Speaking of high water, that standing wave at the pump station dam is getting higher. If you pull hard to the right after dropping down the chute, you can get out of it. If you hit the middle with a low side hard boat you will take on lots of water. As it gets higher there is a good chance it will sink a low  side hard boat.



  1. Steve Luebeck

    As you know, peak flow is tricky because if it stays cool it will run out with a max of around 8500. However, I’ll guess 11,500 since I think it should hit near 80 sometime the first week of June.

  2. Rick Oie from Helena

    I was wondering when the contest was going to open. I think it’s going to be big this year. 9700 on June 6

  3. 9122
    May 30

  4. 9877 on May 29

  5. Marc. Simkins

    9700 June 5

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