Clear Waters

rogerCaught on a mayfly

The river is flowing at 850 cfs which means those of you using hard boats want to be careful for as some of the rocks are growing.

I have been getting several calls regarding Silver Bridge closure. FWP will notify me four days prior to a closure. I will then post it. The contractor is required to only close it 48 hrs. at a time. When they do close it, it will be closed from Dewey to Silver Bridge (power house). That means the entire Dewey Canyon.

If you lost a large streamer box in the Maidenrock Canyon get in touch with me. Describe it to the guy who found it and he is willing to ship it back to the owner—nice guy. As for the guys who recovered their rods left at Silver Bridge. A little reward to the finder would be nice. I talked to her yesterday and she said she got nothing. Next time she said she will just sell the rods.

Small mayflies and caddis working well morning to mid day. Chubby with a nymph dropper is best in late afternoon.


  1. Nice of the lady to make the effort to get the rods back but in the Montana I grew up in, doing the right thing wasn’t accompanied by the expectation of reward, it was the reward in and of itself.

    • True, true, however if I lost a couple thousand worth of gear I would be glad to give a nice reward as would most people. Thing is they offered and I told her it was coming—-my bad I guess.

  2. Hey Al! I’m the absent-minded professor who lost his entire boat bag in the canyon last month. THANKS AGAIN for posting on the lost & found, but no luck yet getting it returned. The bag did have a big streamer box in it though, so here goes. The box itself is double sided, brief case style, clear on both sides, black spine. Pretty good mix of store bought and hand tied stuff inside, some big, some small, lots of yellow, of course. There are some triple articulated, dungeon-style uglies that are probably fairly unique.

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