Caddis And High Water


Nice fish on a little dry fly.

The caddis came off day before yesterday and  that afternoon we had stellar fishing. In one  spot Art made five casts and hooked five fish. Yesterday the caddis were thick but very few  fish coming up  for them. The river was steadily rising and still  is. Too bad all this high water just when the caddis show up. This can be some of the best dry fly fishing of the year.

The river is now at 6550 and rising. Pretty much blown out  for now.

If you have not made your prediction for peak flow, you may want to get it in soon.

The earliest one so far is May 30th at 9120 cfs and the latest is June 15th at 13,000 cfs.

Prize for the closest is three dozen assorted flies from here at the shop.


  1. holly asmuth

    Al How are you doing ? Looks like a BIG water year. My prediction for 2014 is June 11 at 11,650 cfs. We should be arriving around June 12th. I’ll be ready to plant some flowers when we arrive. Looking forward to a great summer. Best always Holly & Bob

  2. I think it peaks June 7th at 10,500.

  3. June 10, 10 grand

  4. june 10 10,200

  5. I’d say June 5th at 9400

  6. June 10th…..10,201


  7. 12,750 – June 13

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