Big School


As you can see in this photo that’s a school of over fifty bonefish. I hope you appreciate me taking the time messing with the  camera on these fish rather than casting to them.

Actually by the time I took this pic I already had hooked five. Two out of this school and three on doubles and singles. A couple of them were really big and took me well into the backing . This ocean flat was really hot today and I caught the tide just right. I didn’t have to move much but simply waited for them to come in on the tide.

I guess I was in the right spot at the right time. Some times it all works.


  1. 40 degrees in Melrose this weekend…
    Ice has broken up between the dead zone and Melrose…
    also open water from Jerry to Silver Bridge..
    Fish are starting to eat in the warmer parts of the afternoon…
    Not quite float time by any means,
    but the opportunities to wet a line are there if you want!!!
    turd and worm…turd and worm…

  2. OK…so I am CRYING…Scottie has yet to see this, and no doubt he will be weeping buckets Al!!!!Thanks for updates on our much missed Fresh Creek this year, YOU deserve to catch the most and biggest from here on in , d/t some of the sad, and hair raising experiences this year:-)) Stay well, safe, and havin fun,A

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