Another Adventure

anne-bone5Anne with west  side bonefish

We just got back from a three day trip to the remote west side and Williams Island. The weather was perfect and the fish were very cooperative. All of our bonefish including Anne’s were caught within 100 feet of our camp. This is the very spot Linda and I found several years ago.

My friends at Red Bays initially told me about this place as they camp nearby when sponging or getting lobster. A big reason is not that  it’s great fishing there but there is a fresh water  source not far away and is the only fresh water there.

The trip started with a barrage of  problems. My friends who had their own boat joined up on this venture. First problem was they lost a bearing on their trailer just out of Love Hill. They called my friend Allie the mechanic and he came to  their rescue. Within an hour or so we were back on the road—if you can call it a road.

We launched the boats at Red Bays with the tide being very low. At this low tide you have to just putter to a hole next to a crawl and make a quick jump up on a plane. I got to the hole and was waiting for Morten. I could see  he was having problems. When I asked if all was ok, he responded with a slight panicky answer of “no”. He said the tilt didn’t work, the boat was filling with water and the engine would not keep running. He sounded like a man who was soon to abort this mission. He finally got the tilt to  work some and found the boat was not sinking and the engine kept running. After a couple attempts to jump out of the hole he finally got up and away we went.

More later on the huge school of large permit we found.


  1. Al,

    I would like to thank you for sharing your trips with your friends, I look forward to each story. Your detailed descriptions bring life to to your writing style, I almost feel like I am part of each adventure.

    Tell Linda hello for us,

    Mike & Shirley

    • Mike, the only reason I wasn’t on this trip is that I have a j.o.b.
      Hope you and Shirley are enjoying retirement. When are you coming back to Andros?

  2. Morten and Anne

    Al “forgot” to put the F-word in front of water, engine and tilt, but after that incident we had a great trip!

    • Nice bone, Anne! If I had caught that, I’d have a big smile on my face!

    • Anne, as I was reading your description of the trip in the airport yesterday on theway home I was laughing out loud. Brought back some fond childhood memories of how my father used to address an old oldboard motor we used to have on trips to Georgian Bay in Canada.

      Great seeing you guys…..the week went by too fast. I do have a couple photos from my trip on my website and I’ll have more to come in the coming weeks as I get acclimated back into real life again. Check them out.

  3. What fun would it be without a few mishaps????
    the best memories are when things don’t go as planned.
    Who needs a plan anyway when you are on the beach in shorts???
    Still iced up around here, but 50 degrees in the forecast for next week!
    Maybe a float or two by the end of March!

  4. All smiles I see 🙂

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